Astral Projection Time Travel

Recently many people want to learn about Astral Projection because they want to have the experience of time travel. In fact astral projection has been a practice since ancient times. There are also many such books found in ancient Egypt. In fact, astral projection was one of the main reasons to keep the Egyptian Empire going for centuries. Today, astral projection time travel can be experienced by anyone as long as they belief in it and willing to put some effort to practice it.

Masters of the Astral Projection Time Travel have witnessed events in the past and describe them with every detail possible. But being able to travel back in time and future does not mean that we can change events nor rewrite the history. Astral is personal projection and the events we see are through our own eyes. Those who have undergone astral projection time travel say that their life has changed forever.

Visiting places in the past and the future could only help us become better people and change our present lives. You cannot bring evidence with you to prove to others. This is one of the main reasons that people think that astral is something out of the movies. Another problem that people see in getting into astral is if they are going to be able to come back to consciousness. People fearing that can divide the process into several stages.

The first one is to lie down and start breathing. Breathe using only the chest and avoid breathing with the stomach. Once you gained full control over the breathing, the next stage would be to imagine how the body is stretching a few inches away of its projection. Stretch the body as many times as you can until you feel full control again. Make pauses as many times as you need. But then the process should start from the beginning.

The last stage before entering astral projection time travel is to imagine laying on a sunny beach and all you can hear is the sound of the waves. The sound of the waves will become music to your ears. When you start hearing music inside your head just let your mind take over. From this point on you could start feeling vibrations going throughout the body. These vibrations are known as Astral Vibrations. They are due to the energy waves going up and down your physical system.

Traveling in time has been the dream of many people since ancient times. Some scientist have dedicated their lives to experience time travel with the help of sophisticated machines. With only the help of the knowledge and meditation you can have Astral Projection Time Travel. There are no special skills involved whatsoever. Some people want to do it, some people try to do it, some people just do it.