Astral Projection Time Travel Explained

Transcending time may seem to be the stuff that dreams are made of but there have been quite a number of people who will tell you that astral projection time travel is indeed very much possible and that all you really need to do so is yourself. Does that sound confusing? It should not because anything to do with astral projection begins with you and if you are willing to take a chance and experience something absolutely life changing then try your hand, or better yet your mind and your body at astral projection time travel.

When one speaks of time travelling, it is not merely limited to going back to some point in your past but includes being able to go into the future and see events that have yet to happen. Astral projection time travel that will lead you to past events in your life may help you recall things that you may have already forgotten either intentionally or unintentionally. This may also aid you in overcoming traumatic experiences that you may have had as well and this will enable to you lead an even better life in the present because you will have then been able to let go of whatever it is that may have been holding you back all this time.

If you choose to use astral projection time travel to have a bird’s eye view on future events in your life, you may do so. Some people may choose to take advantage of knowing what will happen in the future in order to make any necessary changes in case their future is bleak or may hold something negative. There are even individuals who have stated that they use time travelling to the future to find out lottery numbers that may prove to be the right ones that will lead to a big win. Whether you choose to actively do something to change your future or simply allow it to happen as it should is really up to you. However, it is important to remember time travelling is not something that you can take lightly and that the best thing to do with whatever information you may discover during past or future time travels is to become a better individual in the present.

There are different methods you can use in order to experience astral projection time travel. There is the hand method that would require you to tell yourself before falling asleep that you will look at your hands while you have a lucid dream in order for your conscious mind to allow your spirit to project to a different time or specific memory. Another method is called the light deprivation method but this will require at least 48 hours of light deprivation and even if you succeed, there may be ramifications due to the deprivation so it is not highly recommended. You can also choose to do the fasting method since fasting and meditation will allow your mind to be freer and more focused and this will increase your chances of astral projection.