Early Time Travel Stories

The idea of traveling through time is one which is natural to our modern sensibilities. While there is some debate as to how possible such an exercise may be, most everyone at least acknowledges it as a popular concept in fictional literature.

However the idea of time travel as a plot possibility is one which is not found much in human culture throughout the ages. We have a few ancient stories that have a rough inclination towards traveling forward in time, but there are no recorded mentions of even a vague idea of backward time travel found in any written form until at least the 1700’s.

One of the earliest mentions we have of time travel at all comes from an ancient Hindu text called the Mahabharatha. This story dates back to around 700 BCE – 300 CE and involves King Revaita traveling to heaven to meet Brahma. Upon returning home he finds that several hundred years have passed.

In 720 CE we see the tale of Urashima Taro described in the Nihongi, which describes the adventure of a fisherman who travels to an undersea palace for three days. When he returns home he finds that 300 years have actually passed, and his house has collapsed and his family has all passed and everything he owned in life is gone. This is quite similar to Washington Irving’s story Rip Van Winkle.

A more modern version of the time travel story comes from Louis-Sebastien Mercien’s book “The Year 2440, A Dream If Ever There Were One”. This extremely popular book depicts the tale of a man who has a fight with a philosopher friend of his about the problems with Parisian society. He then falls asleep, and when he awakes he is in a Paris of the future. While the story was fictional the author actually intended the book to be a guideline for people to follow to create a utopian society.

The first story that even toys with the notion of backwards time travel is “Memoirs of the Twentieth Century” by Samuel Madden. This is comprised mostly of a series of letters sent by British Ambassadors regarding the state of the nation in 1997, and 1998. The overlying story is that the narrator of the book was given the letters by a guardian angel in 1733, although there is no explanation of how the angel acquired those letters.

Later time travel novels include A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, and the Time Machine, by HG Wells. The latter book, The Time Machine, is really the novel that popularized time travel as a literary concept, and has been the guideline for all time travel novels that have come since.

Time Travel Theory – Is Time Travel Possible?

Is time travel possible? The problem with time travel is the ‘Time Travel paradox’ which goes something like this. Suppose a person travels back in time before birth and breaks a link in the time chain that led to the traveler’s birth. This problem has been commonly explored by asking the question ‘What if you killed your own grandmother before she first conceived?’ (Why the time travel paradox is never expressed in terms of killing your own mother, I am not sure, but it isn’t). If you kill your grandmother then you would not be born. If you were not born, then you could not travel into the past, in which case you would not kill your grandmother. If you did not travel back in time to kill your grandmother, you would be born causing you to again travel into the past to kill your grandmother…with me so far?

The laws of physics seem to allow the possibility of time travel to take place. Many physicists believe that there would have to be some kind of constraint that would make time travel impossible.

Albert Einstein thought that time travel was a very distinct possibility. His idea was that, theoretically, the closer we come to traveling at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second), the more time would appear to slow down for us in relation to someone who was not moving. He called the slowing of time due to motion time dilation.

Einstein came up with an example to show the effects of time dilation that he called the “twin paradox.” The paradox basically states that there are two twins. One twin travels to a distant location at the speed of light, while the other twin stays on earth. For the twin that traveled, time slowed down, while time stayed constant for the twin that remained on earth. Upon returning the twins were no longer the same age. The twin paradox and time dilation actually supports the theory of time travel into the future.

The twin paradox theory was actually proven in an experiment in 1971. This time experiment used two atomic clocks which started off reading the exact same time. One clock was placed on a jet that traveled around the world at 600 mph, while the other atomic clock stayed stationary. When the jet landed, the clock that had gone around the world was behind by a few billionths of a second.

So what about time travel into the past? The basic features of quantum theory actually allow for the possibility of time travel into the past and that the paradoxes raised by the equations of Einstein’s theory of relativity never come into play. The theory is that quantum objects split their existence into multiple component waves, which follows a distinct path through space-time. Quantum theory allows for time travel, because nothing stops the waves from traveling backwards in time. If you travel back into time using quantum mechanics, you would only see those events that were consistent with the world you left behind.

Time travel is an interesting theory to say the least. I leave you with this thought on time travel. If one day someone knocks on your door and says that they are a distant relative of yours, you might want to think twice before you close the door.

Astral Projection Time Travel Explained

Transcending time may seem to be the stuff that dreams are made of but there have been quite a number of people who will tell you that astral projection time travel is indeed very much possible and that all you really need to do so is yourself. Does that sound confusing? It should not because anything to do with astral projection begins with you and if you are willing to take a chance and experience something absolutely life changing then try your hand, or better yet your mind and your body at astral projection time travel.

When one speaks of time travelling, it is not merely limited to going back to some point in your past but includes being able to go into the future and see events that have yet to happen. Astral projection time travel that will lead you to past events in your life may help you recall things that you may have already forgotten either intentionally or unintentionally. This may also aid you in overcoming traumatic experiences that you may have had as well and this will enable to you lead an even better life in the present because you will have then been able to let go of whatever it is that may have been holding you back all this time.

If you choose to use astral projection time travel to have a bird’s eye view on future events in your life, you may do so. Some people may choose to take advantage of knowing what will happen in the future in order to make any necessary changes in case their future is bleak or may hold something negative. There are even individuals who have stated that they use time travelling to the future to find out lottery numbers that may prove to be the right ones that will lead to a big win. Whether you choose to actively do something to change your future or simply allow it to happen as it should is really up to you. However, it is important to remember time travelling is not something that you can take lightly and that the best thing to do with whatever information you may discover during past or future time travels is to become a better individual in the present.

There are different methods you can use in order to experience astral projection time travel. There is the hand method that would require you to tell yourself before falling asleep that you will look at your hands while you have a lucid dream in order for your conscious mind to allow your spirit to project to a different time or specific memory. Another method is called the light deprivation method but this will require at least 48 hours of light deprivation and even if you succeed, there may be ramifications due to the deprivation so it is not highly recommended. You can also choose to do the fasting method since fasting and meditation will allow your mind to be freer and more focused and this will increase your chances of astral projection.

Is Time Travel Inevitable?

Time travel has been a topic that has seemingly fascinated people for centuries. It has been written about in science fiction novels, made popular in blockbuster movies, and theorized in television shows. The concept is simple, it is moving from one point in time to a different point in time. In actuality, we’re all time travelers; we are slowly traveling into the future. Scientists have created many theories of how time travel could work. The most recognized theory is Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=MC2. In this theory, E represents the units of energy, m represents the units of mass, and c2 represents the speed of light squared. In a nutshell, Einstein’s equation theorizes that the closer something travels near the speed of light, the slower time will pass. There are many other well-known theories, which include wormholes and paradoxes such as: bootstrap, grandfather, and multiple universes. There are even theories that postulate time travel through out-of-body experiences, where one’s mind can leave their body and move into a different time and place. But for this argument, let’s consider physical time travel only. Let’s say at some point in the future, mankind creates a spaceship or machine that is capable of manipulating time by moving near the speed of light. Basically, at some point in the future our technology gives us the ability to bend time and space, and with this ability we are able to master the ability to traverse into the past and the future by controlling the length, width, and depth of space and time directed by the apparatus. By creating such a machine, you would be able to travel forward or backwards in time based on the duration and rate of speed traveled.

If this is possible, the logical assumption is that people from the future would travel back through time. Some of these individuals would likely visit the time that we live in. There are theories that speculate that time travel is scientifically impossible, but if an individual traveled to the past, their actions would alter history. Based on the rate of technological advancement that has occurred over the last 20 years (cell phones, computers, the Internet, etc.), one could speculate that anything and everything is possible, it’s just a matter of “time”. If anything is possible, then individuals are already using this device.

How could individuals from the future sending themselves back to our time or past not affect the past occurrences of our lifetime? First let’s assume the cost of building such a machine would be beyond the means of any individual or company. It would likely take the joint funding efforts of multiple countries. Therefore, the answer could simply be the highly regulated and controlled use of time travel. Coupling the ever-increasing pace of regulation and oversight on all aspects of everyday life with the use of a time traveling device, it would likely result in an environment where time travel is in complete and absolute control by a regulating body. This would ensure history is not altered. Under this assumption, time travel would not be viewed as a possibility, but as an eventual reality.