Time Travelers Wife DVD Review

Hello everyone, I would like to talk to you guys today about one of the newest movies out The Time Travelers Wife DVD. I myself saw The Time Travelers Wife in the theaters and I loved it! This heartfelt drama is great and almost had me crying throughout the end. The main actors Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams did a great job and by the time you exit the movie theater you won’t stop thinking about it.

Time what exactly is it how we perceive it? Well Henry DeTamble could tell you how he perceives it. Henry is the main character in The Time Travelers Wife movie and he was born with a certain ability that allows him to move through time backwards and forwards. The catch of it is Henry can’t control his ability he goes back and forth when his body pleases. The Time Travelers Wife DVD starts out with him learning about this ability as he time travels from his mother’s car when he is young to see himself a week earlier with his dad, the to be brought back outside of the car were it has crashed and his mother dead. Young Henry is then confronted by old Henry as he comforts him for a moment before he time travels back.

So where does the story start? The Time Travelers Wife movie finally starts with Henry meeting Miss Clare Abshire in a library. Henry doesn’t know who Clare is but Clare knows Henry. Henry has time traveled back in time to see her before (just not yet) Clare convinces Henry to dinner and that’s when this odd relationship starts. You must not know how it feels to be with someone one minute and then without him or her for weeks, well this is what Clare experiences with Henry and they both hate it.

The movie farther than that I won’t reveal because there is much more in store. The Time Travelers Wife DVD is great as well full of special features with the characters I would definitely recommend it. The heartfelt movie is one of my favorite movies in 2009, and I’m glad The Time Travelers Wife DVD is finally here. I would hope that you guys get the movie so you can experience the laughter and crying of the movie.